THE OBSERVATORY: We use a small facility at a private home in Arroyo Grande, CA.  We have two telescopes which one being a refractor and the other is a dobsonian. 

NAME CHANGE: We might call ourselves someday the MT. LUTZ OBSERVATORY since our facility sits atop of a hill. A Lutz family member suggested the name too.

STAFF: Loron Knowlen, Resident Astronomer - Sherrie English, Office Manager

MEMBERSHIP: Membership is free. You may simply join us by becoming a member of either our MySpace or Facebook page. After you join, we will place your name on our "Observatory Members" page here at this website.

STORE: Yes we might someday sell T-Shirts, mugs, books, and photos via eBay on-line store.


PROJECT TIKI: For 2012 Project Tiki is he refurbishment of our 6 inch refracting telescope with a Polynesian twist. Tiki Tiki

NEW LOCATION: Yes for 2018 we moved to our current location Arroyo Grande, CA.





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