The George H. Lutz Observatory does support the work of Erich Von Danikin and Richard C. Hoagland as to their work regarding the Ancient Alien Theory. WE suggest both of their publication a reading material. Mr. Von Danikan's book is "Chariots of The Gods" and Mr. Hoagland's book "Monuments of Mars" . Now supporting these concepts does not necessarily believe in little green men in flying saucers. For example we accept the theory that what crashed in Roswell, New Mexico was a disc shaped aircraft that was flown by the U.S.A.F. base upon a captured NAZI secret aircraft design and the bodies found were that of the pilots.

As to UFO's to many creditable people have seen something which in most cases is probably secret aircraft plus the fact that the governments love to cover up their secret aircraft with rumors of UFO's which has worked very well for many years. Since the laws of nature exist throughout the universe there is no reason that human life does not exist elsewhere in the universe.

Loron Knowlen, Resident Astronomer


ALL PHOTOS ARE FROM NASA/JPL (Links are included in the video description)







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